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44 Shakedown
upcoming shows
27 August 2016, 22.00 hrs Rock ‘n Roll street Akersloot de Vriendschap Kerklaan 18 Akersloot 8 October 2016 Private Party 26 November 2016, 21.00 hrs Rock ’n Roll vereniging Gel
Upcoming shows:
This   swingin'   combo   will   rock   their   way   through   some   pure   and original   early   rhythm   &   blues   and   black   rock   'n'   roll.   If   you   are   into rockin'   roots   music   with   a   twist   for   hot   jumpin'   50's   R&B   these guys   are   the   real   deal.   A   sound   that's   authentic   and   that   you wouldn't   normally   expect   from   five   quiet   and   shy   white   boys...but don't   let   them   fool   you,   however   much   you   have   abused   your body   with   loud   music,   late   nights,   alcohol   and   cigarettes,   these sharp   dressed   cats   have   done   all   of   that   and   more!   So   come   see the   boys   as   they   tear   the   house   with   classic   dancefloorfillers. Shaking    your    hips    or    even    polite    feet    tapping    will    be    quite acceptable. Or just go completely NUTS like you normally do!
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